At the time of giving gifts I do not like to contribute to this consumer society and buy things to people who know that you can have what they want or need chosen by themselves, I like to give away things made by me, personalized, with which you giving away, apart from the object, a part of your essence.

Today I want to show you another project that I made this last Christmas to give a gift to my children’s grandparents: some pictures of my children and their four cousins.

It was the first time I made one of these. In principle, they had to be just the faces of my children and tried to test to see what was going on, but the thing grew, and we decided to try it out to make it to all the children.

Some time ago I was attracted to these types of quilts. I had seen pictures and I know that there are courses where you teach how to do them, although a little away from home. So if I wanted to try I had to improvise my own technique.

I decided to do it with four colors: white, black, and two shades of gray. After passing the photos to 4 colors with the computer, I cut the pieces that I needed from each color to mount the faces and with doble interfaciong I placed them and stuck to a white cloth. It’s very exciting to see how the faces are taking shape and the faces look like reality.

When the face were made, I put the wadding and the backbrick and quited tehm with the same color of the fabric so that it is firmly fixed and it will not get rid of over time. These stitches give a certain relief and volume to the faces that help make them more realistic. To fix the three parts of the quilt, I made a different bubble around them, so I practiced new ones, and although some did not even find them, they did not go wrong.

Made each face I joined them with a ribbon in black and one for the entire outer contour. To hang it on the wall I sewed some triangles fabrics in each corneal to put on a piece of wood and hang it on the wall. And ……. here you have them !!!

Being the first time I think that it was not bad. I already expect the opportunity to make such a project again soon!

Updated!! From May of 2018 I opened a small online Shop where I offer my creations. If you like these types of portraits on fabrics you can see more detail of this product HERE.

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