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Here you will find the show of my passion, creation with fabrics and threads. Blankets, complements, decorations, patterns, tutorials ... created by hand, with patience and harmony to offer you a unique experience.


I like minimalism and simplicity combined with the desire to make each one of my creations unique. I am open to any new idea or need to have it and help you get what you want.


All of my products are made with the best materials, by hand, in an artisan way and with the dedication and patience necessary to achieve the best result.


In a world of excessive consumption of cheap products, elaborated in deplorable working conditions and with low quality materials, I want to offer a quality alternative, lasting, personalized and unique. So you can enjoy it many years now.


Children fabric belt

The children's fabric belts are a fun and comfortable accessorie, the fabric is very flexible so it adapts perfectly to the body's children. A top quality handmade product, which you can enjoy for a lot of time.

You can choose the colors that are available in the moment. I will go adding different models and colors.

Their sizes are: 1,2″ (3 cm) …

Customized artistic quilt

Do you want to make an original gift with a specific motive or topic? Do you want to remember a special moment? or just materialize an idea that you have in mind?

The fabric creations have a great warmth, which thanks to the quiñting that is made on them take on a relief that seems to come alive.

In recent years, I've …

Customized order

T'agrada algun dels meus productes però vols personalitzar-lo?

Estàs interessat en alguna de les meves creacions que no són a la botiga?

Tens una idea de manta, complement, decoració,… i vols que la dugui a la realitat?


Idò posa't en contacte amb jo!!! Sense cap compromís. M'agrada personalitzar, experimentar i crear coses noves. En parlam, i de ben segur que aconseguirem el …


Fabric portrait

Do you want to transform a photograph into an artistic quilt? The fabric creations have a great warmth, which thanks to the quilting that seems to come alive.

These cloth portraits are not an impression of photography on fabric, using the technique of the appliqué and different layers of fabric are created the necessary shapes to obtain the whole of the …

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Artistic quilt

Circle of life

After a long time without making any entries to the blog, it’s time to update jobs that have been made in recent months. When I started thinking about how to introduce the quilt that I Read more…

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