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With this entry I want to make a compilation of all my elaborations that I have made these past Christmas and I have not mentioned in the previous entries. If you like and want to receive an email when you make a new post, you know that you can join the blog news! Thank you very much for reading and reaching down, where is my last experiment!

Quilts with paper piecing

I already showed you in this post that I started with the technique of paper piecing, a patchwork technique that allows you to create any drawing with fabrics from a pattern and then padding it. I explained a bit how the technique works and you can see a few jobs that you had started. Here tehy are!! Quilted and with a bias.

They are three squares of about 30 cm with Christmas motifs, two with trees and the other with a star. After finishing the top I quilted the trees with more trees and stars and those of the star with straight lines and more small stars.

There are two free patterns I downloaded from the internet. You can see the web and the author exactly at the description of this work I have placed in the gallery (Click if you are interested). If someone is interested in trying it and you have any doubt, you can contact me.

And here you have them, a little Christmas decoration for the house full of color:

With the enthusiasm to do more with this technique, I tried a somewhat more difficult drawing. This time a butterfly to give away a small newcomer to this world. This pattern is already a bit more complicated and laborious especially! because it has loots of fabrics to cut and sew, but it is fun to choose colors and see how it is taking shape as it grows up. You can see the author of the pattern here if you are interested in acquiring it. As you can see, it is finished with a embroidered bies. I had never tried to embroider a bias, but I like the result, so it will not be the last!

I am very happy because I know that they liked it a lot and they already hang it with some butterflies made and painted by their mother … I love it!

Cushions with paper piecing

With this same technique, the paper piecing, and with the idea of ​​carrying it out a bit further, I developed two pillowcases for my nephews. And I say beyond because the patterns to make these two drawings have been made by me. My first paper piecing patterns!! It is a satisfaction to have achieved this. They are simple patterns based on drawings that I saw on the network that were already prepared, but it is a beginning to do many more things …

Cushions decorated with wool

One of the advantages of my new sewing machine, the Bernina 770QE, is that it has a wide variety of foots and a lot can be done. When I saw no. 43, which is used to quilt freely with wool thread or cord, I fell in love! It’s been a while since I’ve had and I had not tried doing anything. I thought that a way to try it would be to make two pillow cases.

With a quilting design that I already know, the stippling, and some hearts, I embroidered it with a multicolored thread. And with several lines and drawings, another. It was a good start, I like the result!

Patchwork belt

To make a special detail, these holidays I have produced a patchwork belt. I’ve already talked about these belts at some time, patchwork belts entry, and you also have a tutorial available for you if you want to try and do one, it’s not complicated.

This pic I have chosen fabrics with blue and white tones, a white ribbon from the inside and a white thread to quilt everything. Here you have it:

Rope bowls

And to finish I want to show you my great experiment these last months: some rope bowls made of rope and decorated with fabrics of different colors. Since I saw it long ago that these things could be done with a rope and the sewing machine I had it in mind, and I used these Chirstmas to give away rope bowls to everyone! Just say that I have used about 150 meters of rope and 1 kilometer of thread! It is not a difficult procedure but you have to take the trout and then come out easyly.

More specifically, I have produced three rope bowla of three different sizes, so that they can be given the use they want and one of them for the godmother, so she can put a flowepot, but it will has to be a good one! The latter, instead of decorating it with fabric of some color, I have decorated it by changing the thread that I use to make it and I have put a strong brown. They are very versatile and can be washed, so ideal for any use. The children have found many uses!

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Catalina Barcelo
Catalina Barcelo
5 years ago

Prova amb subscripció

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Jaume Obrador
5 years ago

Quina cosa més xula!

5 years ago
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