Fabric portrait

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Do you want to transform a photograph into an artistic quilt? The fabric creations have a great warmth, which thanks to the quilting that seems to come alive.

These cloth portraits are not an impression of photography on fabric, using the technique of the appliqué and different layers of fabric are created the necessary shapes to obtain the whole of the photograph. Then draw a free motion quilting in empty spaces to pop up the figure.

Here you have a sample of fabric portraits from a real photograph, each with 33 x 30 cm sizes.

Depending on the availability, you can choose the color tonalities and the size, and if you want a finish on wood or just the fabric with a few aces to hang it.

They can be face photos or any other well defined object, such as pets, houses, etc.

If you have any questions, if you do not know if your idea could materialize, please contact me before ordering and we can speak. We will surely get what you want!


The production time is between 1-2 weeks. When ready, I will send you an email to let you know and the package will be sent.

For any other question, contact me.


  • 100% cotton top fabric.
  • 100% cotton lower fabric.
  • Wadding.
  • Polyester thread

Quilt handmade elaborated at home and with all my love. A customized product that will accompany you for the rest of your life.

All the materials are washed and ironed previously so that they do not deform with the use that the client can do.

It is recommended to wash at a low temperature, make it outdoors and then iron it well, and then iron it.

Product prepared in a house free of pets and smoke.

Additional information

Weight1,5 kg
Color shades



13" x 11"

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