I have always been considered a dreamy person. I like to look at the stars and think about what should be beyond this small world that we inhabit. I believe that the cosmos in which we are immersed affects us in some way in our day to day and in our actions. We are not like small cells of a huge machine that work autonomously but in a way that they are all connected?

Inspired by these thoughts I have conceived my latest creation. A blanket that immortalizes a stellar map in a given place, date and time. At any moment, we see them or not, the stars that accompany us change. With these blankets I want to immortalize this cosmos that accompanies us in sensible and important dates of our lives: births, anniversaries, etc.

Stars/Constellations Quilt

It is a blanket that can be used as much as hanging on the wall as it is used daily or as a play mat for a child.

For its elaboration, I use a batik fabric, 100% cotton. These fabrics are painted by hand with a very old technique originating in Indonesia. The results can be very diverse from specific drawings, patterns along the fabric or more abstract figures. For this creation, I have chosen the most abstract fabrics because I think that they simulate the universe’s bottoms, with clays of different colors as if they were nebulous.

On this fabric, I embroider the stellar map of a specific moment and place. To do this, I prepare the map with the computer, draw it on the fabric and then embroider it with the sewing machine. To give more life, I also embroider the constellations that form these stars and accompany them with the name of each one.

To which I have done until now, to immortalize the moment of  children’s birth, I have embroidered the name and the exact place, time and date of this important event. But any type of message can be embroidered.

Once the top of the quilt is prepared, I make the usual sandwich with a cotton wadding and a fabric on the back, to give it a warm relief. And to fix the three layers well, I quilt it. In this case, the quilting consists of concentrated oval circles on the polar star that signal the decline and lines that go between the two polar axes, as extensions of earth meridians. On the outside of the stellar map the quilting are parallel straight lines.

To finish the blanket the sidewalks are closed with a machine bind of the same bàtik fabric.

Here you leave the photos of the last two that I have done:

Gallery Wordpress Gallery Wordpress

I would like to know your opinion. Do you like it? Would you change something? All ideas are always welcome!

If you are interested in one of these quils, you can see more details here.

Hope you liked it!

Regards an see you soon!

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