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On Saturday, April 22 at 18:00, in Cas Concos, the “Ball dels Salers” will be held. The Es Revetlers, Abeniara and s’Estol des Gerricó groups will be participating in this dance concert, and we will be able to hear the Salers de Cas Concos again that this year they went out to sing on Easter, after years without doing it, recovering some of the songs that were sung more than 60 years ago. This event, in addition, will be beneficial in favor of ASPANOB (Association of parents of children with cancer of the Balearic Islands).

A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to contribute something to collaborate with the auction that will be done to raise funds for this association. I accepted without thinking about it, I think that we should take every opportunity to help as much as possible to these children and their families who experience such a bad experience.

As you know, I have not long ago devoted myself to the world of fabrics and threads, and my production has been based so far basically on making accessories, quilts for children and some artistic quilt to hang on to the wall. On this occasion I had to think something that could please a very varied audience, since I did not know who would be lucky to take it. So, I thought that a belt or some accessorie were not the best options and I opted to try doing another artistic quilt.

In the process of elaborating this type of work, the idea is the most difficult and fun part at the same time, since for a time they do not fail to pass a thousand ideas by the head and the most appropriate must be discerned according to the destination you want to give. The theme of the auction was one of the key points that helped me choose the type of design: I wanted to do something related to children but could also please everyone. And so, thinking and thinking, I decided to make a quilt with fabric application where the main reason were some hands, as if they were stamped with paint of hands, as well as they like to do it to small children, and because they do not It was too abstract I decided that the hands created a butterfly. To choose the color of the butterfly fabric, I looked for the color of the bow that symbolizes solidarity towards childhood cancer, and so I decided on the yellow-gold color.

Quilt benèfic

The design has already decided so it’s timo to think about which fabric to use. On the bottom I chose five fabrics with different shades of gray placed in pieces of different lengths forming horizontal stripes. And for the butterfly a yellow cloth with clearer and darker waters that reminisce the paint that is used to stamp hands.

Set up the top of the quilt to make the bowl. And as you can see, I have quilted some figures in the hands to help us remember some butterfly wings, spirals to the fingers and the head, and stripes parallel to the body. In the background, I wanted to simulate a field, with a stone pebble, a central path and some flowers in between. And finally, to give more solidity and ease to hang it I have set it on a wooden post.

I hope you like it and remind you of the message I wanted to convey. We’ll see the day of the concert those who can come and we all collaborate in this cause, unfortunately, it plays too many children.

And if you are interested in a quilt of this kind you can see more details here or contact me!!!

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