Since I’ve had little children and I’m dedicated to sewing things for them, I have drawn a lot of attention to the range of colors in the rainbow. There are many theories about how colors influence emotions and the state of people, and from many areas, such as decoration, advertising or art therapy, colors are sprouted to influence our state of mind and decisions.

The colors of the rainbow are the decomposition of white light in a range of colors ranging from red to purple. I think that it is important that in all children’s toys and games environments all these colors are present in an orderly fashion, since they can play with all the colors and enjoy completely of what each one transmits.

I want to take advantage of this summer to show you a whole series of creations that I have done for children where I have used all these colors. And as a sign of the use of the main colors of the rainbow today I want to show you the curtains I made for my children’s room.

Cortina cercles colors

For the elaboration of these curtains I decided (inspired by a quilt that I saw on the net) to place on a white background between 4 and 7 circles of each one the colors that make up the rainbow of different sizes and colors grouped progressively as they appear in the rainbow, leaving a circle of each color overlapping with the previous color. With this figure the children can imagine anything, whether colored balloons, stones, paint splashes, etc.


Cortina cercles colors joc Cortina cercles colors joc

For the application of the circles on the white cloth I used a one side interfacing, stitched to each colored circle and then clinging to the white cloth. In order to it was well fixed I sewed a zigzag around.

Because the white fabric was thin and to facilitate the placement of the horizontal bars of the curtain I put a double white cloth on the back, with a few laps along the surface to unite the two cloth together, as if it were a padded quilt. The drawing I made on this quilting was horizontal white stripes as a background of the whole design, a spiral in each of the circles of the same color and three concentric circles around each color circle, each more separated of the previous one, also white. With these circles I wanted to simulate a certain movement, as if they were stones that fall into the water.

And the curtain is already stitched. Then to hang it I sewed a velcro to the upper part and with a mechanism acquired betting it was only necessary to put the horizontal bars and hang it!

Hope you like it and inspire you to create your own creations!

Good summer everyone!

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