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As I mentioned before, the patchwork is a technique that involves the union of different pieces of fabric that is habitually used to create quilts, but we can do many other things. Today I want to show you one of these different projects with which I have used this technique: patchwork belts.

The first belt that I developed was for my daughter, who has always been thin and the trousers fell to her. So in front of the need for a belt I thought I could try to make a belt with fabric scraps that I had for ours home.

These types of belts consist of three parts: an outer part, with colored fabrics, an inner part and a interlinry if needed. If anyone is interested in seeing the detailed tutorial on how you can prepare them, check it here.

From here I have been developing different belts of these types for children.

In the following pictures you can see the first belt that I made and four others with different fabrics and a different motion quilting.

These, made from fabrics from the United States that when I saw it I fell in love !!

And this one with fabrics that were left to make a quilt with the peculiarity that instead of buckle I put velcro so that my daughter could use it to go to school and firm it by herself. And the truth is that it has not been bad and hold the trousers well.

Apart from these belts for children, I have prepared for adults. This one is 4 cm wide and the difference with respect to the previous ones is that nowhere in wadding and canvas in the back part I tried to place a cotton tape, which gives it more consistency than with the wadding.

Lastly I present a belt that is not made properly from patchwork but I am very excited to let you know. It is made of free motion quilting. So, on a white cloth with a hardened interfacing that was clinging to the back, I embroidered a drawing with a black thread and touches of red. This type of quilting is called “Graffiti Quilting” and because when I discovered it, I had to try to do something. And here’s the result!

Hope you liked it, and you see it is not bad to do. So encourage yourself to get fabrics and experiment, it’s great fun!

Updated! From May of 2018 I opened a small online store where I offer my creations. If you like these types of belts you can go to the Shop area to see what I have available at any time, for children and adult, or contact me directly. It’s a pleasure to be able to create for you all!

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