As you know, besides making quilts and quilting one of the things that I like the most is to customize children’s accessories. Today I tell you the story of a bag that I’ve made these Christmas.

A few months ago I produced a pair of fabric bags with cord for my daughter and my nephew to take to school with the snack and other utensils they could need. You can see them here. My daughter’s bag had the name applied and the nephew’s stripes with a yellow cloth that she combined with the comic print fabric.

As a result, a friend, who saw them, asked me if I could make a bag for her niece, but this time with a drawing made entirely by her, which included the silhouette of the little child’s hand. She wanted to make a special gift to the little one and wanted it to be a totally personalized bag. I accepted it very excited, since it was about creating a unique piece as a person who creates a painting on a white sheet.

This is the drawing that she sent me:

A nocturnal landscape with lilacs tones, because it is the color that the little one liked most, on a beige background, and on the lower part the name and silhouette of his hand.

I started looking at what fabric I had to go well, make drawings with the computer with different colors, and after a few tests and check it with her we decided that the background would be a pale gray color, it would have some element of white color (to be combined with the cord and the inner fabric) and the rest of elements would be in gray tones fabrics.

Decided the design I went to work: cut all the canvases in the bag, hold the interfacing double-sided in the fabrics of the applications, cut all the figures, hold them in place, make a sew around of each one so that they do not separate from the fabric (I hope they do not separet a lot!) and finally assemble the entire bag (following the steps of the tutorial that you have available here).

And here’s the final result, a fully customized fabric bag with cord! I know it had to be a gift from Christmas, that is, that he has already received it and I think he liked it a lot. I am happy and I hope that she can enjoy it for a long time!

I turn around, do you like it?

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6 years ago

Una bossa ben útil!

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