As I have already commented on many occasions, with sewing and patchwork, many things can be elaborated, just let the imagination run and think the best way to do it. In addition, I think that something done in a crafted way, with love and dedication, conveys in a more sincere and close way the message we want to give and also avoids trade, and especially when there are close children that can learn to value the things, the work you have to do and the value of giving away handmade things, thinking about the people you are going to go to.

Last weekend we had celebration of birthdays at home and to decorate a little about ours, I decided to make a jute garland that said “Congratulations” and the names of the children, and some small garlands with fabrics of the colors of the rainbow to decorate the garden and then the guests could take a memory.

I take this opportunity to present two new tutorials that I have developed in case someone of you wants to try to make some of them. You will see that they are very simple and the small garlands do not only need to sew anything. You can access the tutorial of the jute garland here and the little garland here.

The jute garland are ideal to accompany any celebration, be it an anniversary, a New Year’s Eve party or any special moment. The jute has the advantage that it does not easily fade and is very hard and resistant, which allows us not to work hard to achieve a good result. Here you can see the ones I have just produced:

Small garland are more aimed at children. As I have said, I prepared them as a souvenir for guests at the party and to decorate the garden a little. Since I have children I have done many things with the colors of the rainbow, and it is very positive for children to visualize and play with all the colors. These little garland were very well hanged by the trees of the garden and I hope that it has given some moments of fun to the children by using them as a belt, crown, or whatever has left their infinite imagination. Here you can see hanging decorations:

And that is all for today! As I always say, I encourage you to sew that is fun and entertaining, and I remind you that if you want to receive news about the entries of my blog in your email you can subscribe.

To be aware that I have a couple of things that I want to show you !!! See you soon!!

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3 years ago

Guapissim tot!!!!!!
M’encanten totes les teves creacions!!!

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