The first creation that I want to show is a quilt to hang on the wall that I have made these Christmas as a gift for a special person who makes me an Indian bunny with this every year and I hope that she don’t get tired!!

The quilts, for those who do not know it, are the union of a “top” (made of several pieces of fabrics sewn with patchwork techniques), a wadding and a fabric in the back part. This sandwich is mounted on a pile and the quilting helps to give consistency, texture and relief.

The patchwork and the quilting are a world with unlimited possibilities. When I first saw it in Pinterest I found it boring, to repeat or copy a pattern with clumps of fabrics could not be very interesting, but nothing could be further from reality! For some reason the patchwork is becoming so popular lately. You can create almost anything and although one is limited to a geometric pattern it is more entertaining: to think and draw the pattern, choose the fabrics, assemble the top, quilt and put the bind.

Originally, the patchwork was used to reuse small pieces of fabric and create blankets, and since lately, with two creatures at home and leaving work, I am more recycler than ever, I looked for my house that I had to be able to do an original thing. So, with three fabircs of blue tonalities and one white one I thought it could happen to a seabed!

Without any pattern to follow and without knowing very well how the final result would be, I went with corrugated trenches of each color and joining them in large strips of colors that were slightly interspersed in order to simulate the sea and its depth.

Made the whole top, with the quilting I thought I could give her life. So I drew a background, animals and plants, correct water and waves. And to give it a bit more consistency I swallowed it to a wooden post and I put a frame on it.

Well, here’s the result! For being the first time I do something of this I am well satisfied. I hope you like it!

And if you are interested in a quilt of this kind you can see more details here or contact me!!!

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Until the next !!

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