Over the last few weeks I have been quite busy in a few projects I had to finish, the trip to Sitges and two new projects I have at hand. Today I want to show you the pictures of the last baby quilt that I have made.

The design is the same as the one I had previously shown to you (you can see the photographs of all the children’s quilts here). I designed this quilt thinking about creating a natural environment for a child. Animals are one of the things that take the attention of younger children, they like to imitate their sounds and move as they do. The animals I chose were animals of the jungle, and to recreate a bit more the environment I made the stripes that vertebrate the quilt to be wavy and want to simulate the branches of the trees. At the top you can see a moon and stars in order to achieve a peaceful climate.

What I have changed this time has been the colors. This quilt had to be for a boy so the chosen colors move in shades of light blue and green for alternate stripes with white and a darker tone for applications and bias. On the back, the fabric is striped white and greenish sky.

And to finish I comment that the quilting is made with wavy lines on the part of the striped quilt, a little stippling in the strip of animals and some stones on the part of the stars and the moon.

I hope you like it, and don’t be away, that soon I will have new things to show you!!

Updated! From May of 2018 I opened a small online store where I offer my creations. If you like these types of blankets/quilts you can go to the Shop area to see what I have available at any time or contact me directly. It’s a pleasure to be able to create for all of you!

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