Some of the other projects I’ve done in recent months have been baby blankets (quilts).

These types of projects are those that are most commonly used in the pachwork and quilting world, although, as I will show you later, these techniques can be used to do just about anything.

To make these quilts, we use 100% cotton fabrics to make the top, a wadding (which can be synthetic or natural fibers, I like using cotton) and a cotton fabric on the back for complete the entire quit Then it binds and puts a bind around, although it can be closed without bind, I have not tried it yet.

When doing a quilt of this type I like to draw the drawing with the computer before to start. This allows me to predict exactly the sizes, the needs of each fabrics and the colors. In this way I can get the idea of ​​how the quilt will remain when it is finished. In order to do this work, use Inkscape, a free download drawing program that with a little practice is easy to use. This tool allows me to make patterns for each project and I plan on uploading a tutorial, so if you are interested, look out for it.

The quilts that I like most are those of modern designs, so the first ones I did are in geometric shapes. Here you have:

Quilt rectangular triangles with four shades of blue, a white cloth behind and quilting with straight lines following by seams.

Gallery Wordpress

Quilt with four-tone blue windmill, a white cloth behind and quilting with concentric squares of different sizes.

Gallery Wordpress

Quilt squares of printed fabrics of pink colors interspersed with white fringes, a white cloth behind and a fishbone quilting.

Gallery Wordpress

The last quilt I want to show is a different design with which I wanted to create a natural environment with wavy stripes simulating branches of trees with animals in between and stars and a moon on the top as if they were the night sky. Animals and stars are placed with appliqué and a free motion quilting around them. The rest of the handle is quilted with horizontal stripes wavy just like the drawing of the fabric. The back fabric is a striped white and lotus fabric, the same color as the animals.

Gallery Wordpress

And these are the quilts that I’ve been doing so far. Hope you like it !!

Updated! From May of 2018 I opened a small online store where I offer my creations. If you like these types of blankets/quilts you can go to the Shop area to see what I have available at any time or contact me directly. It’s a pleasure to be able to create for all of you!

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