Today I want to show you one of the projects I have done with the new sewing machine, the Bernina 770QE, a zipper case for a boy who goes to school with my daughter.

This machine has the function of embroidering alphabets and other drawings, and I found that this opportunity was ideal to familiarize myself with this new tool.

When in my daughter’s class a child makes the anniversary, all the other children make a collection to give up him a gift from everyone. And since this time was time for us to collect it, I thought it would be nice to make a bag / case with the name of the child in the front part and the names of all the children of the class to the back part.

For its elaboration, I used a canvas for the outer part which, in the front, I put the name of the child with a blue cloth (applied with double face interfacing sitiched all around) and a strip of animal drawings on the top and bottom, and on the back, all the names of the children of the class with different shades of blue. In the inner part there is a scratched cotton fabric white and blue, and to close it with a blue zipper.

As I’ve told you a bit about sewing I am totally self-taught and the tutorials and videos I’ve found on the web have been a lot of help. So I want to contribute a little and I have used the development of this project to write a new tutorial that you can find here. This time I have attached the photographs of all the steps to make it easier for you to understand. If someone wants to start sewing, these types of projects are simple and quick to assemble, so I encourage you to try it and if you have any questions or questions you can contact me.

Hope you liked it!! I have a few quilts that I have recently done that I am very excited to show you, so when I have a moment I’ll hang it up. And if you want to receive an email every time I make a new post can subscribe to the news of my web page.

See you soon!!!

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