Today is Thursday before Lent, the first day of carnival and time for those who like to sew and create things with fabrics and threads to let the imagination flutter, and especially if you have children at home!

The customes theme is a bit controversial and there are opinions for all tastes. For example, today you can read an article related to this topic of how children’s childhood is increasingly lost. And it is precisely in the children where I think that special attention should be paid when it comes to choosing the dress to become and transform into someone else. It is a good occasion to have questions such as respect (towards the other sex, certain professions, religions, …), excessive consumerism or modes and stereotypes.

My children are still small and do not even ask for dressing in a certain way, we’ll see in a few years now. So, today I want to show you two customes that I’ve done these years for them and that despite hard work they are simple to do.

Here’s the first custome I made, a sheep’s suit! To make it I did many but many pompoms, I think about 200, of different sizes and sewn on a mosquito net, although it would have been another kind of chopping because it was spoiled a bit. In addition, on the cap of a jacket I sewed two black ears and to have a full dressing.

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The other costume I have made is a bird wings with the colors of the rainbow and some masks with the same fabrics. To mount them I cutted a base fabric with the shape of the wings on which I placed some fabric about 5-7 centimeters, cut into consecutive semicircles so that they simulase feathers, stitched between each other on top of the other and to finish a tape around. You can see more specifically the elaboration process with photographs on this website. And to round it I made some mascks with the same cloth of the wings, a wadding and another fabric in the back to give it body.

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Here are two customes proposals that, if you have time and desire, are easy to do. Hope you liked it and have a great carnival celebrations!

See you soon!!!

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