This week four years ago I was a mother for the first time and two years for the second time. As I have said, maternity has sometimes been a turning point in my life in many ways, and one of them has been deciding to try to do what I really like, to create with the hands using fabrics and threads.

Today I want to show you a quilt that I did a while ago for a person who was very important to me during pregnancies and the deliveries. These moments in a woman’s life are always full of uncertainty and having a professional in the field is a great comfort that gives strength to get a delivery as natural as possible.

Already from the first moment I was pregnant I was clear that I wanted to have a natural delivery, without epidurals and with the least possible intervention. What’s more, I wanted to have a delivery at home and in the water, although neither could be the first one for a certain fear of the fact that it was the first time and the second for a logistical problem. In the end both deliveries were in the hospital, but very respected, without unnecessary interventions, without epidurals and always accompanied by people who sent me a great deal of tranquility, courage to give birth, help to trust what I could do and comfort in the worst moments.

With this quilt, which represents a tree of life, I wanted to convey to this person all this handful of feelings and emotions, which I am still present with, and a great gratitude to help me as he did.

This quilt is made  with the technique of patchwork and free motion quilting, and a tree of life, which at the same time is a woman, is applied to physiology and some twists to give it the shape. I assume that each of you will send you a different idea and feelings but what I wanted to capture was the creation of life and the solidity of it. The background, made with red colors of different shades, wants to represent a uterus, where life forms, and the tree, in brown, the life that grows with roots attached to a mother and the branches that grow little in little

So here you have it:

“A tree of life
that give strength and support
who helps to come to the world
future generations of children
with all the love of his heart ”

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I hope you liked it !!!

If you are interested in a quilt of this kind you can see more details here or contact me!!!

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