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The Origami Animal Challenge brings a new pattern, it’s the Seahorse. Available in the Shop, in two different versions, PLAIN and MULTICOLOR, two sizes 9″ and 16.5″, and three languages, Catalan, Spanish and English.

SEAHORSE Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern - Grey

This animal was the one who chose the members of my Facebook Group where the Challenge is being developed, and while I’m creating them, those who want to sew them are sewing and sharing with the other members.

The elaboration of this pattern has been more laborious than the Origami Fish, since it has almost double pieces and many smaller ones. But I really liked they having chosen this one because I love the result!

Now it’s up to the participants of the Challenge to elaborate it. They will surely come out very well. And in addition, I must say that I am very proud of them, because some have never sewn with the technique of Foundation Paper Piencing and have elaborated the Fish without any problem. My lessons were useful! 🙂

You know that if you want to learn how to make elaborations with this technique you can join my Facebook Group, where you will find a pattern (of an Bird), very easy, and 5 lessons, all free, and always my help in front of any doubt that you could have. So if you are curious, come and see what we do …

And if you already know piecing paper, you will be more than welcome to the Challenge! The more we are better, the more inspiration for everyone!

As a first time, I tell you that the next animal, because of a request from a very special person for me and that helps me in testing the patterns, will be a Turtle. Thank you very much Joanne!

And here you have more photos of this Seahorse. The mine is the one is made with gray tones, since I want to make a series of hang quilts in a formal modern style. The other photos are made by Joanne, @turtlequilterjo, and na Fátima, @love2quilt314, that help me to try the patterns before they go on sale, which make true wonders.

Do you like this Seahorse? Every time I see a new version of the pattern, I like it more!

SEAHORSE Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern - Grey

SEAHORSE Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern

SEAHORSE and FISH Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern

Images PDF Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern - Origami SEAHORSE

Images PDF Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern - Origami SEAHORSE

Images PDF Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern - Origami SEAHORSE

Some of my patterns

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