It’s already a tradition for me to do a post-Christmas collection after each Christmas to show you what creations I’ve done during the parties to give to the relatives. And, as you know, I prefer to give, as far as possible, things made by me thinking of who will receive them, not things bought with money that I know that they might not like.

This year I don’t have many things to show you but I think these things have a great value.

By the fact that my daughter has already been a little older, 5 years old, and that she really like handcuffs, I think that this year it would be nice to do something together to give the grandparents, in collaboration with the younger brother.

An activity that I wanted to try with it is the embroidery by hand. So we agreed to do this as gifts for the grandparents in order to help the Magical Kings because they have been very busy this days.

The idea was to make some pillow covers with a hand embroidered drawing on each side, one side embroidered by her and the other side an easieer one embroidered by the small one. And I have to tell you that it has been a whole family work because the papa cut the canvases, the children stamped the drawings, and everyone helped embroidering (we could not finish them until January 5) and I mounted the pillows, so all a teamwork.

I think it has been a good experience for the children, specially for the older. The little boy did not have too much patience to sew a drawing, he went banging with me, but the older took her taste and eventually made it alone, all proud of the job she did. So I think it will be an activity that we will continue to do at home to enhance patience and concentration.

And here you have the results, three pillows of white cotton embroidered with colored threads in each side. One for each grandparents and another for the grand-grandmother.

On the other hand I also wanted to welcome a new member of the family with a well-personalized present, a cloth panel to hang with its name drawn in cloth.

At this time I have a pattern in the technique of “foundation paper piecing” (which you can see it here), it can be used to produce all the letters of the alphabet, plus accents, other punctuation simbols. So I tested it to make this gift. I have a few people who are trying it out and I’ll show you the results.

Here you have it. Do you like it? Would you like to learn this technique and be able to customize your creations with a name or message made with cloth?

And to finish I give you a tasting of what awaits is a new line of products from the Shop of Amarar Creacions. It has also been a gift from Kings for relatives, who watch over my tests, but I do not want to show you all the details or reveal what it is … you should be careful if you want to discover what it is!

And here is the post-Christmas collection of this year. I hope you liked it and that you all had a great start of the new year!

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