The last Blog Hop Quilt Mania is alive! Are you ready for 29 spooky free patterns?, we will fill our houses and social media with creepy blocks, accessories and quilts for this Halloween! Maybe the situation will have we can’t live the Halloween as always we’ve done, but it don’t have to mean we can’t enjoy this party as well! Take a look to all the free blocks bellow and start thinking on what you will sew!

As you know I make foundation paper piecing patterns. Last month, with the Flying my Way Quilt Pattern, I released with the Blog Hop – Back to School, I improved my designing skills and inclouded a curve in this pattern. As I love curves, I wanted to keep playing with curves and this is the block I have designed for this edition of the Blog Hop, the Creepy Eyes Block (#creepyeyesblock).

On this pattern I want to point out that it is not a simple block, as the curve, which is not with a very large piece of fabric, has its complication. But will you be scared by two curves?, because there are only two! and in addition, in the instructions I have explained in detail how to do it to make it easier for you to place the fabrics to sew the curve and get a good result … So do not be discouraged by the curves, on the contrary, look at this pattern like a way to learn a new skill, as it is a small-sized block and you finally give up and throw it in the trash you won’t have wasted much fabric! But very important! READ THE BLOCK ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS !!!! And I say it in capital letters so that it is very clear to you. It is very important to read the assembly instructions of the patterns you make, even if you are lazy, it will help you a lot not to make mistakes and get the best possible result with the least obstacles, which is what we all want, right? Then, download it and learn new things!!

I was offering this pattern as a gift to all my newsletter community during the blog hop. Now, if you are interested on these eyes pattern, you can check the Creepy Eyes Quilt pattern which has bettern templates, more sizes, puzzle pieces to customise your quilt and it’s in metrics and imperial to be used all over the world!

I can imagin these eyes in a Halloween fabric bag, a creepy pillow or in a quilt full of eyes sewing in different sizes…. here is a graphic example of you could do with this pattern, do you fancy?

I love showing you the blocks sewn by my testers, they have an exquisite taste for fabrics and always surprise me with their creations. And I will tell you a secret, I am sure they won’t mind…. All of them has had the same problem withe the block, the first curve! They felt the first curve very difficult, but the second one was easier! And one of them is making more eyes! So I hope all this blocks encorage you to try the pattern!

Do you know I started designing patterns 2 years ago and my first pattern was a Halloween Pattern? It was the Wolf under the Moon Pattern. Since then, I have changed and improved the desig and texts of my patterns and this was the last one left to update. So, I took the opportunity of this blog hop to update this pattern and now, you can find it with a new look, better texts and in letter sheet size for the English version. And to celebrate my first pattern and that they are already uptadet this pattern will be 50% off during all September, don’t miss this opportunity to make some other Halloween accessories! And if you already have this pattern, soon I will send you an email with a code so you can download the new version for free.

If you are not familiar with the Foundation Paper Piecing technique and you want to learn it or practice a little more, I invite you to join my Facebook group where you will find 5 lessons and a free pattern to learn/practice the FPP technique. Also, there, I can help you with any questions you may have with my patterns or this fantastic technique that allows us to sew wonders with high precision.

How the Blog Hop works

Every designer is offering at her blog the unique pattern she has designed for this event, for free.And all the patterns has been released on 1 September.

All the patterns are available for free until the release of the next Quilt Blog Mania on September. Then, some of the past month patterns will remain free.

To get every pattern you have to visit the blog post of the designer and follow her instructions to download it.

And that’s all! You only have to imagine, choose the patterns and start sewing! I can’t be more expecting to see all your creations!

Here you have a list with all the designers participating in the event, a graphic/photo of the pattern every one is offering and a link to the designer blog.

I really hope you enjoy this blog hop and I will be expecting all your creations with this patterns. Share your creations with the hashtag #quiltblockmania and enjoy seeing the ones of other sewers all over the world. We have also created a Facebook group where you can see the patterns which are part of Blog Hop, share your creations made with these patterns and see those of other sewers, join the Quilt Block Mania group!

I hope you enjoy all these creepy patterns. And leave your comment, I will be very happy to hear from you!

See you soon, this September I have a lot of excyting news to tell you!


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3 years ago

I love how these creepy eyes turned out! And your testers did a fabulous job!

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