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I am taking advantage of these days of home confinement to start a new Origami Animal Series. With kids at home it’s inevitable to think of patterns they like and with which  can be made things to decorate their room, such as hanging quilt, a blanket to put on their bed, or some accessories like a fabric bag. So, since children love all kinds of animals and especially tale animals, I decided that this new group of animals would be for them, these great fighters in confinement time, and that everyone seems to have forgotten, and although they do not understand what is going on, they have a great behavior.

When my daughter has to paint an animal or play a game and pick one, she has a special privilege for Unicorns, so the first pattern in the new series I decided would be an Origami Unicorn. This animal with magical qualities and a thousand of colors that we would all like to see.

On the The Noun Project page, where icons on all topics are available for free, I found the perfect source of inspiration for my animals. And I especially want to thank the author, Agne Alesiute, for her drawings which are the basis of my patterns.

The Unicorn pattern is the seventh Foundation Paper Piecing pattern of the Origami Animal Collection, and its difficulty is a little higher than the patterns in the Marine Series. This pattern contains many units, some of them very small, and many sections, but this should not scare you. I think with this technique, the Foundation Paper Piecing, once you get used to it, there are no more difficult patterns than others, but some are more laborious patterns, which require a higher attention when you are assembling them but that they can do perfectly. Don’t be scared to say it’s “Advanced“!

Like other patterns of the Collection Origami Unicorn  pattern is available in two sizes 9″ (23 cm) and 16.5″ (42 cm), and in three languages: English, Spanish and Catalan. In the case of Catalan and Spanish format is A4 sheet of paper (21 x 29.7 cm / 8.3 “x 11.7”) and for the English version you can choose between two sizes: A4 and Letter ( 21.6 x 27.9 cm (8.5 “x 11”). On the back cover of the pattern you can see what exactly the pattern includes: templates, instructions, etc

And here it is my Origami Unicorn, 9″, with 3 shades of one of my preferred colors, lilac. Do you like it? I think I’ll make it a little haging quilt to decorate my daughter’s room. What would you do with this block?

And here are the two tests that two of my testers have done. Blanca’s first, of A punto de Pacth, and Joanne’s second (@turtlequilterjo)). What wonders they make and what help they give me. Thank you!

With the acquisition of this pattern I attached the free pattern  to make a quilt with the Origami Animals blocks, which you can see and download directly here. With this pattern you will see how to turn a multicolored animal into a simpler one, and use only two fabrics instead of four. This pattern is intended for use with marine animals as it has bubbles that give the quilt a sea air, but it can be used to make a Unicorns quilt without the bubbles which would also be a delight for any kid. Here is a graphic I made of what it would look like:

And now during the drawing of this graphic, I’ve thought, what if I replace the bubbles with stars? Would you like this pattern with stars? Let’s se if I get on it and I can have it done soon!

If you do not want to miss any news of what I am developing, as well as receiving discounts when I publish new patterns, I invite you to join my community by subscribing to the news on my website. You just have to leave your email and I can assure you that you will not receive an avalanche of emails from me, I wish I had more time to be in touch with you.

I remind you of two things:

During the quarantine period you will be able to get any of my patterns with a 25% discount using the MENSSANA coupon when you make the purchase in my Online Store. It’s the least I can do to help you stay home and stay entertained with new things.

And to remind you that, if you have never tried the Foundation Paper Piecing technique, you are invited to my Faceboook group where I have a few sessions in progress to teach the technique. It’s a good time to learn new things and get out of this confinement with new knowledge and some crafted made with your own hands.

And I don’t want to entertain you anymore. I hope you are in good health and that you have good confidence.

See you soon!

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