Next week, February 14 is Valentine’s Day, a day when love is popularly celebrated. This celebration, of Christian origin, with capitalism has spread all over the world and is a date when lovers give presents and celebrate their love, whatever their beliefs or religion.

Some people will say that celebrating this day is a mere commodification of love, and that what should be done is to celebrate it every day of the year. But honestly I do not feel bad that a certain day of the year reminds us of how beautiful it is to be loved and that lovers express their love explicitly with some gift. We live in a world where wars, natural disasters, and violence are everywhere, so celebrating good things never goes wrong to soak in positive energy. What we all should do is work it every day of the year!

I work in a world, pattern designers, in which it is usual to make patterns for specific subjects. So this year, I wanted to release a pattern for this celebration. There are a huge number of patterns related to love, hearts of all kinds, shapes and styles, so when I had to think about design, I thought: What is love really?

I will not bore you with a speech about what I think of love but in summary, and I know for sure you will agree, we could say that love is not always pink, not always beautiful. Like everything in this life, love is dual, it has a good and a bad face, and if without black there is no white and without dark there is no light, so sometimes we have to go through a bad time to notice and appreciate the good times. With these thoughts I thought of the symbol of Yin Yang, which represents the balance that exists in this duality that is present everywhere.

So, how to bring together the symbol of love, the heart, and the symbol of duality, the Yin Yang? Well, with a Yin Yang Heart! And here’s my latest Foundation Paper Piecing pattern, which will allow you to make this heart perfectly with fabricsand use it to make the what you want to celebrate: a hanging quilt, a pillow case, a table runner, a bag, all you can imagine! Do you like it?

Here I want to show you the Yin Yang Hearts that have been made by the two people who help me test the patterns. The first is by Joanne, a black and white heart, on a blue sky background:

And this one by Fatima, who with these beautiful Japanese fabrics has decided to turn it into a hanging quilt to hang on the wall and celebrate with her family this date.

You have the pattern available in the  Amarar Creacions Shop with a 20% discount until 14th February 2020. Like all my patterns is in three languages: English, Spanish and Catalan, and includes the templates to elaborate the Yin Yang Heart pattern in 2 sizes (9″ (23 cm) and 16.5″ (42 cm), assembly instructions, sections diagram, scaling formula so that you can elaborate it in different sizes and cutting templates. It is also incorpores a new version system so that you can download for free future changes or updates made to this pattern. I encourage you to give it a try, though it does look complicated but it doesn’t have a very large number of sections and it’s relatively easy to assemble.

And if you think you’ve never tried this technique but would like to learn it, I invite you to my Facebook group where you will find 5 lessons and a free pattern, of an origami bird, that will allow you to see and try the FPP step by step. You can also download the free pattern from this web by clicking HERE.

And nothing more, I just want you to have a life full of love and always be surrounded by people who love you. And as I always say let’s work and share this love that will be the only thing that will save the world!

A hug and see you soon!

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