Hello again everyone!


I wanted to headline this post “A great opportunity!” because today I will present you an event that means that, for me and for you, a great opportunity!


As you know I am very new to this world of quilting and paper piecing pattern designing, just a year ago I published my first great pattern, the Modern International Alphabet. When I started, it seemed to me that the mere act of publishing a pattern already meant that it would started being sold and people would rush to buy it, but the reality has not been this. I have found myself in a market where there are countless patterns, many of them similar, and with great difficulty in having a certain reputation.


At first, I started offering my patterns from the Shop on this website and from my Store on Etsy. Then, I learned about the possibility of selling my patterns through other websites that are dedicated to selling patterns from independent designers such as www.quiltwoman.com and www.sewingbysarah.com for my patterns in English, and www.apuntodepatch.com in Spanish. And still, my sales just arrive to pay the higt government taxes every month. That’s why I’m always looking for new options.


About a few months ago I received an email from a colleague, Heather, and she offered to take part in an adventure I wanted to start. A new way to sell patterns. I didn’t think twice about it for a few reasons: first, because I can’t pass up any opportunity and second, because I think it’s important to support new initiatives, even if we don’t know how they can go, the criticism received before start, or whether they will work or not. It is very important to support new initiatives, entrepreneurs and all people starting out because we have all started at any time and it is a real support that people trust your work when you are starting. For all this I told you it was a great opportunity for me!


But don’t miss because it’s a great opportunity for all of you! This new adventure consists of organizing an event that lasts 3 weeks and in which a patterns bundle is offered through a website at a very low price compared to if you had to buy them separately. In addition, 5% of the payments are donated to a charity. It is a system used in other fields that now it’s introduced in the world of quilting. Isn’t it a good opportunity for you too? Don’t miss any detail ….



Quilting Medley Bundle, which began on April 22 and will last until May 12, is a special package of downloadable quilting patterns in pdf format that includes patterns from basic to intermediate level and from a classic style to a modern style. This package is organized in two levels, a “Starter Collection” that includes 4 patterns, in which you can find my paper piecing pattern the Yin Yang Heart, and which is priced at 9.95 $ but its real value is 39$, and those who want to pay a minimum of 20.10 $ will receive a “Bonus Collection” that includes 5 more patterns, valued at 55 $. So with the “Bonus Collection” you will receive a total of 9 patterns valued at 94 $! Don’t you think it is a good opportunity to have new patterns, meet new designers, and you will also contribute to a good cause, in this case Direct Relief, which is dedicated to sending protective equipment and critical care medicines to health workers. with emergency deliveries that go out daily to USA medical facilities and regional response agencies around the world.


And my pattern you will find in the Quilting Medley Bundle is The Yin Yang Heart Foundation Paper Piencing pattern. In the Bundle you will find it in English and in the two paper size versions, A4 and Letter. The pattern includes: Templates for making the Yin Yang Heart in two sizes 9 ” (23 cm) and 16.5” ( 42 cm), assembly instructions, section diagram, scaling formula so you can make it in different sizes, designing sheet, pattern pieces and templates for cutting fabrics. It also incorporates a new version system so you can download future changes or updates to this pattern for free.



If you want to know more details, see the photos of the patterns and meet the designers of these patterns, visit the Quilting Medley Bundle website! And remember it ends on May 12th!




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