The hard situation we are living these days has made that a lot of the quilting shows and some other quilting event have been canceled, but we have the luck that the new technologies allow us to be connected and to have a lot of fun via web.

Would you love to have some quilting fun? I am very happy to announce you I am going to participate in the a virtual Designers Quilt Show next week with other 27 great designers, from USA and Canada. The Designers Quilt Show will be running from April 13th to 19th, and I invite you to participate!

Designers Quilt Show Dates

This will be a seven-day quilt show. On days 1-6, we will be highlighting a different group of Designers every 24hrs. You would be able to see quilts, learn techniques in the virtual classroom, visit virtual booths, and sign up for prizes every day! So, don’t miss any following detail:

To participate, visit the Designers Quilt Show website and subscribe to the newletter, so you’ll be aware to every event and won’t miss anything!

Do you want to learn something new? You can check all the events at the Classroom Calendar for upcoming videos, classes and demo’s, and you could attend online classes. So take a look and add the events you are interested in to your schedule!

Join the raffle for great give-a-ways and play in our social media playground! You can visit it, but it won’t be alive until 12:15 am (EST/US New York), at 4:15 UTC, on 04/13/20. You will have to:

  1. Mandatory – Answer questions (How did you hear about the show?). 5 pts
  2. Mandatoty – Subscribe to the Newsletter. 5 pts
  3. Optional – Visit each designers Facebook Page. 3 pts ea.
Designers Quilt Show Featured Designer

I am going to be featured at the first day of the Show with other 3 Designers. The quilt show daily page will go alive every day at 12:15 am (EST/US New York), at 4:15 UTC. Here I will activate the links for every day feature pages , so you can go and meet every day designers. If you are subscribed to my newsletter I will also send you a daily reminder to meet the designers of each day.

IMPORTANT: Every link only will be active for 24 hours. Don’t miss any day!

The designers featured the 1st day of the Show are:

 The designers featured the 2nd day of the Show are:

 The designers featured the 3rd day of the Show are:

 The designers featured the 4th day of the Show are:

 The designers featured the 5th day of the Show are:

 The designers featured the 6th day of the Show are:

Last day of the Show! Don’t miss the Raffle and take a look to the great prizes!

I hope you love this event and join us to have a great quilting fun. It’s our way of coming together, supporting each other, and sharing the beauty of the quilting community. We look forward to seeing you there!

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