During the last two years, my business activity has focused on designing and creating quilting patterns, mostly foundation paper piecing. It has made me to improve my skills in many areas, like maths, graphic designing software, color theory, and some others.

Once I started knowing the world of pattern designing, I noticed some other designers were asking for help to create profesional diagrams for their pattern and professional pattern files. During my pattern designing those were parts of the process I really loved.

Another part of my job that can help other quilters is the creation of the pattens itself. There are a lot of quilters that are searching for a pattern designer to create for them a custom pattern, from a family or pet photo, from an idea from a tiles they saw in a trip.

So, thinking a lot about this I thought I could help all them with my skills offering a new service. But I didn’t want to make it alone. I thought it would be great to have a partner to work with, a partner with complementary skills to mine, that were really alike to me and that we trust each other. So, I immediately had the right person to propose this new adventure. She is Sarah, from Acorn Corner Quilts. We met when I was asking for testers for my patterns and she became one of my trusted testers. She has a lot of experience in quilting, she has tested so many patterns from different designers, and she is taking a course to make her own patterns. And the best is that when I proposed it to her, she didn’t hesitate to accept! So, like me, she thinks it is a great service needed in the quilting world. So we created Seacroner Pattern Workshop, can you guess the origin of the name?

And here we are! I don’t want to tell you more details about our services and invite you to visit Seacorner Pattern Workshop website, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We have already done our first job and soon we will show you the result.

If you have any questions about what we could do for you don’t hesitate to ask! We love to chat with all of you!

Happy stitching to you all!

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