The Blog Hop Quilt Mania Family is here! With 27 designers participating and offering you 27 lovely free patterns. Like the past Blog Hops, all the patterns are 12″ (30.5 cm) square and you will find a full variety of designs and techniques, so you can choose the ones you like more or get all of them!

The family theme can inspires us a lot of things. What comes to my mind if I have to design a block about Family is an image that can represents the love. For me, love is the pillar of everything in this world, love makes us supportive, comprehensive, able to understand everything, and no only love for our relatives, for all the people in the world, so isn’t all mankind a big family?

And what a better design to represent the Love than a heart made up of layers protecting each other? Then, the Family Heart Block (#familyheartblock) is the pattern I am offering you. What do you think, does it inspires you a family?

Now one question? What do you prefer Piecing or Appliqué? As you can see this design has very closed curves, I have included instructions and templates in the pattern to make this heart using piecing assembly, but as it is quite difficult, and some people maybe don’t like sewing curves, I have included the appliqué instructions. This is my first appliqué pattern, so I would be happy if you tell me what you think about this appliqué instructions. I want to improve my pattern with all your comments!

What technique would you use to make this blog?
Please leave a feedback on thisx

Here you can see the results with the two different techniques, the piecing one is made by me and the appliqué one is made by Beatriz Montilla Orta, one of my testers.

The Appliqué is the easy way but I encorage you to try the piecing way. Are you scared by curves? don’t worry I made a video for you to see how easy to sew these curves… I warn you, the curves are not the most difficult in this pattern, is joining the sections and matching perfectly all the seam points. And as I always tell you READ THE BLOCK ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS! before start sewing, it will hep you to avoid som problems.

Take a look to the video and tell me it doesn’t seem easier than you though!

This pattern was free for subscribers to my newsletter in October 2020, after that date it is already part of the patterns on the Amarar Creacions Shop.

However, you can subscribe to my news and you will receive as a gift the patterns of the first three Blog Hops as well as a 10% off on your first purchase.

Time for the debut of the testers. Eventhough the scaring curves, they all have managed to do the heart with the traditional piecing technique and they all have get very good results. All really amazing. I want to thank you all the comments and suggestion thay have made me to get a better pattern for you.

And to spread some more love, here I offer you my Yin Yang Heart block Pattern with 30% off during all October. A pattern to remind us that love is not always black or white, like are all the things in life. It’s a pattern to make with Foundation Paper Piecing and there is the tempates to make it in 2 sizes (9″ (23 cm) and 16.5″ (42 cm).

If you are not familiar with the Foundation Paper Piecing technique and you want to learn it or practice a little more, I invite you to join my Facebook group where you will find 5 lessons and a free pattern to learn/practice the FPP technique. Also, there, I can help you with any questions you may have with my patterns or this fantastic technique that allows us to sew wonders with high precision.

How the Blog Hop works

Every one of the 27 designer is offering at her blog the unique pattern she has designed for this event, for free. And all the patterns has been released on 6 October.

All the patterns are available for free until the release of the next Quilt Blog Mania on September. Then, some of the past month patterns will remain free. My Family Heart Block well be free only Octuber, so don’t let it go!

To get every pattern you have to visit the blog post of the designer and follow her instructions to download it.

And that’s all! You only have to imagine, choose the patterns and start sewing! I can’t be more expecting to see all your creations!

Here you have a list with all the designers participating in the event, a graphic/photo of the pattern every one is offering and a link to the designer blog.

I hope you enjoy this blog hop and I will be expecting all your creations with this patterns. Share your creations with the hashtag #quiltblockmania and enjoy seeing the ones of other sewers all over the world. We have also created a Facebook group where you can see the patterns which are part of Blog Hop, share your creations made with these patterns and see those of other sewers, join the Quilt Block Mania group!

Spread love sewing hearts, and please leave your comment! I will be very happy to hear from you.

Good stitching to you all!


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3 years ago
¿Qué técnica utilizarías tú para hacer este bloque?" Read more »


Lori Smanski
Lori Smanski
3 years ago

thank you for this wonderful block. i am new to applique so will be trying this first.

3 years ago

I already subscribe, so I hope that means there will be a link in the newsletter to download your hearts. I definitely prefer appliqué in most situations. By hand is my favorite, but lack of time keeps me from doing too much of that lately.

3 years ago
¿Qué técnica utilizarías tú para hacer este bloque?" Read more »

multi color has to much background for my taste, but center puffs out

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