Do you know one of the nature preferred shapes is the hexagon? From atoms to clouds in other planets we find hexagons everywhere in our lives and the Universe. This was one of the reasons that made me love the proposal I received from Irina, from NordicCrafter, one of the good people I’ve met in this word of patterns and quilts. She had an idea of a great pattern in mind and the only way to sew it by machine was foundation paper piecing. As you know, I’m a FPP lover and most of my patterns are made using this technique. So, we were the perfect combination to set up a great pattern like this one. It has been a fun collaboration and great learning experience for both of us. We are happy to present you the Hexie Tree Quilt Patten. Be sure to read down to the end for a special announcement you won’t want to miss!

The Hexie Tree design has a minimalistic Scandinavian vibe inspired by nature. It consists of a perfect Hexie, the one nature uses everywhere, full of leaves and apples (two types of hexagons and a pentagon). But these polygons are irregular polýgons, and as we all are in our lives. So, the full design is an explosion of the truly nature of life. All these shapes are disposed over a full negative space that will suppose to you a creatively challenging, as it allows you to practice free motion quilting, hand quilting and even embroidery or sashiko depending on what finishing touches you would like to add to your tree.

One of the big news about this pattern is it is thought to be used with foundation paper piecing using freezer paper. When I saw the design Irina was proposing, the facts we were gonna incloude several pieces of every one of the polygons and the shapes are no very complicated, made me thounght that the freezer paper would be ideal for this pattern. Irina sewed the first test with this technique and we realized it was an ideal pattern for those who love freezer paper and for those who want to give it a try. If you have never used freezer paper, I am sure that just taking a look to this video you would like to learn more. So we set up a tutorial where you can see and learn how easy is this technique and the big earn of paper and time it will give you. So, don’t miss our tutorial!!

After  I made the first templates for the pattern, Irina started sewing the first test. She used scraps of Marimekko and white fabric to sew the top. Then, she outline the leaves using rulers just 1/4 inch from the seams and quilt the background inside the Hexie more densely with pebbles. Look, how nicely the leaves and apples pop up! And she wanted to create the tree by quilting different designs for the tree trunk, ground and background using her favorite Glide thread in the same color (Linen). Finally, Instead of binding the quilt, she faced it! I binding technique, that consists on turning the binding completely to the back. I’ve used it in some artistic quilts that allows you to give a modern an minimalistic touch to your quilts.

Irina felt so in love with our pattern that she decided to sew more of that pretty apples, which are perfect to sew small projects. Here you can see all what she’s made: a pincushion from Liberty fabric and embroidered the leaf in satin stitch in variegated Perle cotton (finished size 3 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches); a set of patchwork potholders, with the apple pieced from 3  tiny scraps of Marimekko fabric, and the leaf made with fusible applique using double sided fusible web all with a touch of hand quilting around the apple for the modern look.

These are just two options for using this block to inspire you to think outside the pattern, as I said the possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination!

Now it is time to introduce you to our wonderful patterns testers.

Meet the testers and Get inspired!

Birgit from @sohannahbs is a prolific quilter. She uses a variety of techniques in her work and she make lots of admiring projects, you can see on her IG, no matter if it’s a quilt or something smaller. She was the first one to finish the quilt and her version shines beautifully in the garden setting. We really like how she used cross stitches to hand quilt around the tree and ground to give more definition to the design.

Melissa from @mtweedel has a big passion for sewing, versatile projects and beautiful flower mandalas. She has that magic touch that makes her creations stand out. We love how she envisioned our pattern in a completely different way and created an incredible piece of modern art. Don’t you love that pop of color on the dark gray background? It looks like her hexie is made from sparkling jewels and floats in the cool air.

Christine from @lopolokko is the Queen of color. Her work is always eye candy and the way she presents her creations is just so delightful. We feel honored that she agreed to test our pattern. Her version of the pattern with glowing Kaffe Fassett’s fabrics on the black background is so bold and absolutely striking!

You’ll definitely want to follow @sohannahbs, @mtweedel and @lopolokko on Instagram for sewing inspiration.

Looking at the Melissa´s and Christine´s Hexies on the dark background, we can think of another interpretation of the pattern respect the one Irina made in teh first test. If you don´t stitch the trunk but do simple all over geometric quilting  you will have a modern version of Northern lights in the night sky!

I really love all the testers´s versions, all they so very beautiful in their own way. I hope you will see something in our pattern that sparks your creativity and you get inspired to start your quilt today!

You can get the Hexie tree quilt PDF from my shop. It incloude all templates needed, with very detailed assembly instructions and a colouring page so you can draw all your creatively ideas. As all my other patterns, it is available in 3 languages English, Spanish and Catalan, and the English version in Letter and A4 versions.

Hexie Tree Quilt Pattern

Here comes that special announcement and surprise!

Apple Wreath Pillow Pattern

Me and Irina got so inspired by the Hexie Tree design that we created another pattern that beautifully complements the quilt. It features just one Apple block modified in size to create a wreath of apples that can turn up in a delightfull pillow cover. So, this is a quick foundation paper piecing pattern, thought for freezer paper method, that will allow you to create an unique house accessory.

Irina made that test of the new pattern with a combo of Liberty fabric and Essex linen in steel, with appliqued leaves and embroidery details that add a delightful touch to an otherwise minimalistic modern design. For the quilting she combined free motion quilting and ruler work in the traditional feather wreath with a modern twist.

We can´t be happier with the result of our collaboration! So, to celebrate the release of these two patterns we decided to make a special offer for you!  Everyone who purchases Hexie Tree Quilt pattern through Spetember 16th – September 17th ( 23.00 EEST) will receive the Apple Wreath Pillow pattern as a gift!

We are very excited to see what you create with these patterns. If you are posting to Instagram be sure to tag me, @amarar_creacions, and Irina, @nordiccrafter, and use the hashtag #hexietreequilt #applewreathpillow so we don’t miss your posts!!

Happy stitching!

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