Hi again!!

I always tell you that I will write more often and time passes and I can not find the moment to do it.

Today I will tell you a little bit about the road my job is taking.

First of all, I inform you about the last pattern that has seen the light: the Starfish, the 6th and last pattern of the marine series of the Origami Animals Collection. This pattern comes with a new design, it includes both sizes (9” and 16.5”) and the English version is available in two sizes of sheet, A4 and Letter. It is also an ideal pattern to make  for Christmas decoration, since it is a star that you can customize with the fabrics and colors you want.

Arriving Christmas, I thought of making another pattern suitable for these dates, and what is more typical than a Christmas tree. But since there are already many Christmas tree patterns I wanted to make it a different and more modern one. So following the origami animals line I drew a tree with 3D triangles and turned it into a patterned Foundation Paper Piecing with white lines between pieces. These days I am testing it and it will be soon available. Look at the test that Fatima has made of this pattern, do not you want to sew it? It will be available in two sizes, 10” and 32.5” so you can enjoy a well-lit Christmas party by sewing it and can decorate your home in an original way.

Aside from that, I would like to say that I am very excited about the fact that this week two of my patterns have been started selling to the US. So far I had the patterns available in the Shop on my website and in Etsy, I still could not sell too many copies of the patterns and decided to look for other ways. Thanks to the advice of a group of Facebook designers, I got in touch with an American company, Quilt Woman, who sells patterns on its web page and offers them to distributors to be sold as paper copies, and they have accepted my patterns! I think it’s a great opportunity to give more visibility to my work and see if I can make the work done! You can see my page on its website HERE.

And to finish, and without going into a lot of details, tell you I have a macroproject in my hands, with another person, which will make me to work hard in front of the sewing machine and will allow you to see in live and on many places my creations. And I leave here, because we are still outlining the beginnings of what I hope will be a great adventure!

And as always, tell you that I hope to write more often!

Have a great weekend!

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