Create, create and create. It has always been my hidden but latent illusion. Although life had led me through other ways, the desire to create was present at all times. At some time of recreation I had tried other means like painting but it was not until the arrival of two babies that I had to stop in my life and a forced reflection: I have to put the needle on and do what I really like, work with my hands and create, because I will not achieve fullness. And even more so, putting a thread on the needle is how I have found the way to express my creativity, perhaps because of the influence of my godmother, who was dressmaker, or because it is a very versatile medium that allows many different things I have chosen the fabrics and the threads.

With Amarar and this blog, I want to show you the projects I am doing. I have found so much guide in blogs and tutorials on the network that I want to share what I do if it can help someone. Waiting for your comments and we can exchange many ideas and opinions.

See you soon!!

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