Patchwork belts

  • Description: Belts made with patchwork technique.
  • Materials: 100% cotton fabrics on the outside. Cancas or cotton ribbon in the inner part. Wadding 85% cotton and 15% other fibers between the two fabrics. Polyester thread.
  • Technique: Pachtwork. Maquine quilting.
  • Finishing: Metal latch.
  • Design: Own.
  • Date: April 2016 / December 2018 ..
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Embroidered tote bag

  • Description: Canvas tote bag with embroidered machine mandalas.
  • Materials: Embroidered machine mandalas. Black fabric 100% cotton on the inside. Zipper. Polyester yarn
  • Technique: Free embroidery machine. Mounting bag
  • Finishing: Zipper.
  • Design: Own.
  • Date: June 2017.
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Belts with embroidery graffiti

  • Description: Fabric belts embroidered with graffiti motives.
  • Materials: 100% cotton fabrics. Extra heavy interfacion. Polyester thread.
  • Technique: Free motion quilting.
  • Finishing: Ribbon around and to firm.
  • Design: Own.
  • Date: June 2016.
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Transparent need

  • Description: Transparent need with zipper.
  • Materials: Specific transparent plastic for sewing. Fabric 100% cotton. Zipper Polyester yarn
  • Technique: Mount bag.
  • Finishing: Zipper.
  • Design: Own.
  • Date: August 2017.
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  • Description: Wallet with geometrical decorations.
  • Materials: Canvas. Blue fabric 100% cotton on the inside and for decorations. Double face interfaciong Zipper. Polyester thread.
  • Technique: Applique. Enssamblig de wallet.
  • Finishing: Zipper.
  • Design: Own.
  • Date: March 2015.
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